Friday, 12 July 2013

Night "O"/HSH Cup

     Yesterday night was a night “O” at CECHRICE which was very challenging.  My course H21 was 8.2 km. It was raining and fairly chilly which added to the challenge of orienteering at night. I found it hard to read the map while running and plan ahead because you have to navigate from 10m ahead of you at most. Luckily I got to use a friend’s headlamp that was way brighter than mine so that made it easier to orienteer than if I had to use my dinky one. It was a good race besides being slow and unsure in spots and one not so great route choice on the long leg at the end but that was partly because my map was wet and falling apart. I placed 4th out of probably 27 runners.

     Today was Stage 1 of the HSH Cup near Vysočina which was a middle distance at SPORYS. It was another great race for me where I maybe lost 1 min total, spread out on a number of control. I believe I placed 15th out of 50 runners in a very strong H21E category. Results will be here when they are available:
Tomorrow is a long distance and should be another great race. My course will be around 11 km but it is very flat and fast, so it shouldn't be too painful.

Night Race July 11,13
Stage 1 HSH Cup July 12, 13
Train on,

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  1. Thanks or the update. Have a great race!lm