Thursday, 11 July 2013

Olomouc Training Camp

     For the past four days I was training around Olomouc with some Canadian and American juniors. It was a great few days of training as I got to train on some of the maps used for WOC 2008. Since I have arrived in Europe I have been orienteering everyday which is starting to catch up with me. I am feeling pretty tired but today is kind of a rest day until tonight when I have a night race which is going to be 8.2 km. I hope my dinky light will be sufficient because I don’t think they make the courses easier here in Europe for a night O. After the night O I am racing in the HSH cup Friday (middle distance), Saturday (long distance) and Sunday (chasing start/longer middle) near the town of Vysočina. After the HSH Cup I am travelling back to Trebon for some training and then I am driving to Slovenia for the Bubo Cup and OOCup.
Training #1 Sunday AM
Training #2 Monday AM
Training #3 Monday PM
Training #4 Tuesday AM (WOC 2008 Middle Qualification)
Training #5 Tuesday PM (WOC 2008 Middle Qualification)
Training #6 Wednesday AM
Train on,

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