Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bubo Cup Day 2

     Day 2 of Bubo Cup was held across the road from day 1 on the Postojnska jama map. It was another good race for me with fewer mistakes than yesterday. Although I made fewer mistakes they were very dumb ones. I wasn’t reading the map enough going to #1 (I was mostly just running haha). I made one really stupid route choice to #4 that was slightly unintentional and was standing above #13 and didn’t see the control so ran to another depression to relocate and came back to the same spot I was in and finally saw the control. We did some more sightseeing this afternoon and visited the Rakov Skocjan cave. Day 3 tomorrow is a sprint in the village of Vipava which will be held in the late afternoon. I am looking forward to the race tomorrow and I am hoping for a top 5 finish!
Day 2 Postojnska jama July 20, 13
Outside the Rakov Skocjan cave
Ouside the Rakov Skocjan cave
Inside the Rakov Skocjan cave
Train on,

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