Saturday, 6 July 2013

End of JWOC Tour

      JWOC and the JWOC Tour wrapped up today with the relay where both the women’s and men’s teams won gold which was amazing to see.
     Stage 4 was at Certovy Skryse and was a true middle distance. In short it was not a great race for me. It was a really tough map with tons of rock detail and many rocks that were not mapped because they were slightly too small.

     Stage 5 was a sprint in the town center of Hradec Kralove. I had a good race but sadly lost around 30s near the end because I miss read the impassible walls. I also might have chosen the wrong route here but it is hard to say since I made a mistake on the leg. I placed 7th out of 47, 40 seconds back of first. It was raining lightly which made the cobblestone pretty slippery but it was a bigger challenge to avoid running into other competitors when reading the map as there were people running in every direction.
     Stage 5 was a chasing start, long distance race at Koliba. I started in 13th spot but could have started around 10th if I had made my start on time at stage 2. I ended up in 12th passing one guy who started before me (the winner of the sprint distance). I placed 12th on the stage and 12th overall out of 46. It was a fairly clean race despite four 1 min mistakes. I am still happy with the race as it was tricky flat terrain.
     Tomorrow I am off to Olomouc for a training camp on the maps that were used for WOC 2008. We will have one training Sunday and two trainings a day until Wednesday. After that I am competing Thursday in the HSH Cup starting with a night race.

Stage 4 Certovy Skryse Middle 

Stage 5 Hradec Kralove Sprint

Post race Hradec Kralove

Stage 6 Koliba Chasing Start Long 


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