Monday, 22 July 2013

Bubo Cup Day 4

     Day 4 of Bubo Cup was held high up on the Bisaga map. I decided to walk the course today which was a bad decision because my knee was very sore and even worse after the course. It was very unique and difficult terrain today, so it’s too bad I couldn't run. The ground was uneven, rocky and steep so it was not easy to walk on (or run on I guess). The only upside to today was that since it was so high up the temperature was cooler, around 22C. I finished the course and I wasn't last!  I placed 22/25 if it even matters. I may have to go to the hospital tomorrow to remove some fluid from my knee if it doesn't improve (so I was told by the paramedics today). I will probably walk to the start tomorrow to pick up my map but will not start. I will try to make it to the start even though its painful to even walk now.

My route (some mistakes because I questioned why I was out there and stopped paying attention)

My swollen knee, looks worse in person
View from our camping spot

Train on (well actually off),

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