Saturday, 13 July 2013

HSH Cup Stage 2

     Today was stage 2 of the HSH Cup at VRATIC. It was a long distance is some tricky terrain with lots of streams, wet ditches and vegetation detail. It was another decent race for me with a few more mistakes than yesterday. My legs were pretty tired today so on the long trail runs I couldn’t run as fast as I would have liked to. It was also not as flat as I thought considering I had 180m climb. I placed 12th out of 51 runners. Tomorrow is the chasing start which is a longer middle distance (9.3km, 150m).  After the race tomorrow we will be driving to Trebon and training there until Wednesday or Thursday when we will drive to Slovenia for Bubo Cup and OOCup.

HSH Cup Stage 2 July 13, 13

Train on,

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