Monday, 15 July 2013

HSH Cup Satge 3

     Yesterday was the final stage of the HSH Cup (stage 3). It was a longer middle distance chasing start. I had another pretty good race, with a few small mistakes. I placed 14th/43 on the stage and 11th/53 overall. I am now back in Trebon for some training before I go to Slovenia for the last two competitions (Bubo Cup and OOCup) before I fly home. Time for some rest and some light training.

Stage 3 results:
Overall results:

                                                         Approaching the last control                     Photo:Tereza Tichy
                                                                     Finish sprint                                    Photo:Tereza Tichy

HSH Cup Stage 3 July 14, 13
Accommodation during HSH Cup

Train on,

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