Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bubo Cup Day 3

     Today was day 3 of Bubo Cup at Vipava at 1:4000. The sprint race was held in the village of Vipava. It was very warm 32C. My goal was top 5 yesterday before my knee started to really hurt later at night after falling and smashing it on a rock during the race yesterday. I thought nothing of it and expected it to be fine. Well it wasn't fine, it was very sore before my start and I thought about seriously not racing. Well I put some topical pain cream on it and started. I didn't think a top 5 was possible anymore but during the race I didn't feel it hurting much. I ended up having a very good race with two bad routes and a few hesitations. I lost 5 sec on #2 because of a bad route choice, 3 sec on #8-bad route, few seconds on #9-going too slow and 5 sec on #18- too careful and hesitated going though the small passageway. I ended up 3rd/30, 18 sec out of first and 10 sec out of second place. My knee is was very sore after the race and I have been icing it all night. I will see if I start tomorrow...
     We spend the morning enjoying the Adriatic Sea. The relatively cold water was good for my sore knee. I spent most of my time there soaking my knee in the water of sitting in the shade because it was very warm.
Bubo Cup Day 3 Sprint July 21, 13

Photo: Martin Tichy

Photo: Martin Tichy

Adriatic Sea

Train on,

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