Wednesday, 3 July 2013


     Yesterday was Stage 2 of the JWOC Tour at LESNI HRBITOV and was considered to be an extended middle distance. For the first time ever I missed my start. I miss read my bib and thought I started 10 minutes later than I actually did. I realized it and started 3:04 late. It was another good race until the end when I made some stupid mistakes and a slow route choice. It was not a very good run even if you minus the time I missed my start by.

     Today was Stage 3 at ZAVORA SEVER. It was considered to be a shortened long distance. Really rocky terrain that was difficult to run in and navigate to the right rock. It was a really good race considering how hard it was. I placed 7th out of 42. Tomorrow is a true middle distance race in the same type of terrain so it should be very technically challenging.

     Yesterday I got vaccinated for tick borne encephalitis which is a viral infection transmitted by ticks which apparently can be quite bad. There are lots of ticks here that are very small and hard to see to get off of you so I thought it was a good idea to get the vaccination. My arm was pretty sore today and I might have been a bit more tired than usual but I don’t think the vaccination affected my physical performance much, if at all.

JWOC Tour Stage 2 July 2, 2013

Stage 2 results:

JWOC Tour Stage 3 July 3, 2013
Stage 3 results:

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