Monday, 1 July 2013

European Tour

After arriving in Prague I raced the Czech middle distance championships the next morning and was very tired for racing. I ended up doing alright considering my situation. For the next week I was training twice a day in the northeast of the country in the area that JWOC is being held in. During the whole week of training I logged over 13 hours of orienteering for a total of over 80km! It was a tough week of training on some of the hardest and most enjoyable maps in Czech Republic. Today was the first stage of the JWOC Tour which was a long distance race on KOLCARKA. I ran H21E which was 12.5 km and 450 m climb. It was a nice day for orienteering and a fun map to run on. I had a very good race with almost no mistakes, if I had only just been able to see one control. I ended up in 8th place out of 43.

Map +Route


Drabovna map


  1. Good job! I see you won some splits.lm

  2. Great work ! You are improving !