Sunday, 1 July 2012

WUOC Preparation

Today part of the Canadian team decided to race an Alicante Provincial League race on EL MOLI just outside Santa Polo which happened to be adjacent to the Middle and Relay map that will be used for WUOC. My navigation was pretty good today with 3, 1 minute bobbles that can be fixed easily with a bit more concentration. Since I arrived yesterday I am still a bit tired and with the long distance in 2 days I decided to take it easy out there and not run super fast and mostly walk the hills. I am not use to the heat here in Spain; it was 34C (at 11:00am) and roasting in the sun since there are not may spots with tall enough trees to get out of the sun. Since it was just a local meet there was no water on the course which sucked because you could have used some by #1! The terrain is very rocky and uneven with lots of small cliffs and scrubby vegetation. The run ability is fairly good but you have to pay close attention not to roll your ankle on the uneven rocky ground. Hopefully it cools down before the long distance on Tuesday which is very unlikely. It should be a bit cooler in the morning because starts are from 8:30am onwards; hopefully I get an early start! Tomorrow is the official model event at carabasi. Stay tuned for daily news.

Map from today 6.6km 285m

 Myself after the race

Train on,


  1. Looking forward to your up dates. Have some good races!

  2. Stay hydrated DK, Good Luck on Tues, stay sharp