Thursday, 5 July 2012

WUOC Middle Distance

I chose to start early to beat the heat and was the 8th starter and the temperature was cooler (around 23C) than starting later which was nice. I lost 1 minute on #2 and 15sec on #3 but the second to last control #18 was killer where I lost 4 minutes. My plan was to be aggressive and hope to have a perfect race. I thought there is no point in running controlled and place between 60-70 but rather push my limits to have a great result. I was having a very good race up until #17 where I think it got to my head a little bit. I thought to myself I’ve done it and that’s when disaster strikes! Did not end up going far enough and after thinking I was close (and I was) I ran around and then decided to go to #19 and then go back which worked out great but I should have just done it sooner and I would have limited the damage to probably 2 minutes not 4! I am still happy with my performance despite the mistakes. Tomorrow is the relay and I will be anchoring Canada 1 team. Will C. will be starting and Robbie A. will run second.

Middle Distance map

37th Place

Train on,


  1. did you meet Adam Chromy ;)

  2. yes he can thank me for leading him into controls and I can thank him...

  3. "Anonymous": if you have the temerity to post sarcastic, short-sighted comments, have a little dignity and attach your name to them.

    Nice job DK!

      pack index...

  4. I’m sure everyone is aware of that. Same thing goes for Francois Gonon at WOC 2011 long final, pack running with Thierry Gueorgiou to his bronze medal...