Monday, 2 July 2012

WUOC Model Event

The WUOC model event was right next to the Mediterranean Sea on the Caravasi map. It was warm again but not as warm as yesterday only 25C. Some of the terrain was similar to the Carcross Desert map in the Yukon which apparently is not relevant for any of the races but the steep re-entrants, cliffs and scrubby vegetation will be very relevant. The footing was very uneven again and I expect there to be some sprained ankles throughout the week. The team went for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea afterward to cool down which was refreshing. The opening ceremony is tonight at 7:30 pm which will parade through the streets of a suburb of Alicante. The long distance (9.85km 690m) is tomorrow and the first start is actually at 8:30am, I ended up being in the late start block so I won’t be racing until around noon which will be a major disadvantage with the heat and the sun! Hopefully I can crack the top fifty with a clean run. Stay tuned…

Model event map

Myself after the model with the Mediterranean Sea.

Train on,

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  1. All the best tomorrow! Get lots of rest and stay hydrated!