Tuesday, 3 July 2012

WUOC Long Distance

The 27C heat combined with 9.8km and 690m climb made today’s long distance the toughest race I have ever competed in. The race was far from perfect for me but I have already tried to forget about it and focus on recovering for the sprint tomorrow. The insane amount of climb combined with the blazing Spanish sun drained my brain and legs very early on and my legs felt like lead by the 4th control which was disastrous for me. This made the last 2/3 of the course very tough. There were some good route choice options and I think I chose the best ones but did not see one wide route choice on a long leg on a trail that avoided a lot of climb which would have been a lot quicker and less demanding! I truly think I could have had a much better race if I had an early start time near 8:30am when it was only 20C. I think the starts should have been from 12:00pm onwards so everyone would have had the same heat and sun conditions and early runners would not have had an advantage over the later ones. Looking forward to the sprint tomorrow and hoping for a much better run!

Long Distance Map
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78th Place (side # is wrong), I guess I have to take it...

Train on,

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  1. Wicked map. Wishing you smooth running tomorrow!