Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WOC Middle Qualification

I would have done this sooner but the internet at the accommodation the team is staying at has been terrible lately. The middle didn’t go as planned with too many mistakes; I estimate I lost 6.5 minutes. It was tough to find the controls in the dark green because the visibility was limited to about 3 meters. It’s nice to be the top Canadian after being selected last for the team behind all the other guys and proving once again that I can perform to a certain degree at the major competitions. Some highlights were being 10th on two splits, 2nd on one split and 1st on one split! Also I did improve by one place from last year’s 30th place in the long distance at WOC in France. The relay team has been decided and I am not a part of the team as I expected back at the beginning of June. I was expecting there to be a selection race like last year for the relay team so that the guys on the team can prove they deserve to be a part of the team in this Swiss terrain because not all the guys raced each other head to head which seems to make the decision a little controversial. I ended up racing the 3rd stage of the Swiss 5 days on the day of the middle final because it was free. I did some training on the model map for the relay today (haha) instead of the 4th stage because it was a long distance race and I was feeling a bit tired so decided it was not a great idea to race again. I will take a rest day tomorrow and race the final stage on Friday.

Crashing into the 13th control

My route from the Middle Qualification
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Stage 3 of the Swiss 5 Day's

Relay model map

                                                        Finishing hard on the long uphill finish shute        Photo: Adrian Zissos

                                                                                       Last few meters                          Photo: Adrian Zissos

Train on,

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