Sunday, 15 July 2012

WOC Middle Qualification Tomorrow

Yesterday between the sprint qualification and final I ran on the LA PALUD middle qualification model map. The map was very run able in sections and slow in others where it was green or rocky. The quality of the map wasn't great because there were some old logging trails that were not on the map and thought there should be some more clearings as well. The vegetation was also not that great in places but I’m sure the actual map will be perfect. Easy/rest day today and then the big race tomorrow afternoon. I have a start within the last block so I will be starting later which can be quite good with some fast runners near the end and a bit of tracking but it also can be bad if I get drawn to start last! Hopefully I can qualify for the final tomorrow but it will be extremely tough. My training partner Patrick Goeres had a fantastic result in the sprint final yesterday and finished in 36th place for a new PB result in the sprint at WOC!! Way to go Patrick!!

Middle Qualification Model from Yesterday

Patrick Goeres Cruising in the Sprint Qualification

Patrick flying in the Sprint Final
                                                                 Patrick giving it everything in the finish                       Photo Adrian Zissos

The "MEGASTAR" after a new PB in the Sprint Final 36th!!!

Train on,

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