Thursday, 26 April 2012

Competition Season is Under Way

Over the past week FWOC has hosted the Prairie Opener near Rumsey, AB on Sunday April 22 which was the first forest event of the season but really the forest part was lacking with the open rolling hills on the SL Ranch map. The navigation looks a lot easier than it really is and I found that out pretty quick on my way to the first control. Also the Wednesday night series started up at Prince's Island Park last night, which is a fast urban sprint map near downtown Calgary. Next up are Team trials for WOC in Switzerland which are going to be held on back to back weekends at Sage Stomp XXVII (May 19-20) on the McQueen Lake map near Kamloops, BC and Barebones in Canmore , AB (May 25-27). The Sprint and Long are going to be held on the Canmore Nordic Centre map and the Middle will be on the scenic Mt Laurie map. Should be a great two weekends packed with competition.

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Time- 77:43

Time- 20:49

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