Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Canada’s Elites

Elite orienteering in Canada is growing each year and becoming more and more competitive.  As more athletes are becoming elite orienteer’s in Canada, competition to make the World Championship team is becoming harder and harder to make each year.  In past years there has been limited interest in competing at the World Championships for Canada because of a lack of elite athletes.  Currently there are many elite orienteer’s competing to make a spot on the team, which lets us know how far Orienteering Canada has come over the years.  This year will probably be the toughest year of all time to make the team.  With winter winding down, the competition season is on the horizon.  Most of the selection races for the team will be held in May.  Many elite orienteers from across Canada will be competing for a spot on the WOC team to represent Canada in Lausanne, Switzerland in the month of July.  These races will be the test for most to see if their winter training has paid off and will decide the course of their season.  As orienteering grows within Canada, so does the elite competition.  Looking forward to a great racing season and competing against start lists loaded with top notch orienteers.

           Maybe orienteering will be this popular in Canada one day!                   

Train on,

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