Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Final Days Until WOC

     It has been pretty busy for me since I arrived in Europe with non stop training and racing. I really enjoyed all the races at O-Ringen in Sweden where I managed to win the middle selection race for WOC. It has been decided that I will be racing the Sprint, Sprint Relay, Middle and Relay at WOC.
O-Ringen Stage 4 Middle Selection

     I arrived in Scotland earlier this week and it is hard to believe it is summer here. It seems like it never stops raining and the temperature is more like what you would expect in the fall in Canada. But I must admit that if it is not raining the temperature is ideal for racing.  
     I have done my last few training's before WOC starts and now I am resting up for the sprint qualification on Friday. I am really excited to have another try at making the sprint final and also getting to run another forest race since I have not run one in a few years now. The middle/relay terrain reminds me a bit of my home terrain in Manitoba which is helping with my confidence. It is also a nice feeling knowing I am in best shape I have ever been leading up to the world orienteering championships. I have done everything I can in my training to be ready for these races and I am more prepared than I have ever been, so the results should take care of themselves as long as I keep my orienteering under control. 
Elgin GB Sprint Selection Race
Middle Training
Train on,