Thursday, 19 June 2014

Europe 2014- Where Orienteering Thrives

     I have been in Europe for the past six days to start my preparations for the Canadian team trials, WOC, and WUOC. After getting injured at Sage Stomp earlier this spring my foot is almost back to 100% and  I am back into training after 3 weeks of no running. I will be training in Italy until the Canadian Team Trials at the end of June where I hope to qualify for the WOC team. Following WOC I will fly to Scotland for a training camp with the Canadian team to see what the WOC 2015 terrain has in store. After the camp I will head to Czech Republic for Silesia Grand Prix for a few races before I start my final preparations for WUOC.

     I have already done several great trainnigs in Venice, Venezia, Asiago and Censuna (Kubelek). I will start training with the other Canadian athletes in Lavarone tomorrow until the Canadian Team Trials(Alpe Adria Cup) that will be held in and near Conegliano.

     One thing that is always hard to understand when I fly over to Europe for orienteering is the amount of high quality maps that they have withing running distance of the towns and cities. It is so nice to be able to run on excellent maps virtually right out your backdoor. It is too bad that Canada does not have more maps closer to the major cities.

Right click photos and open in new tab for better quality.
Venice Ultra Long Sprint...27km
Have to get use to crossing the bridges over the canals
Nice day in Venice

Exploring Venice
Vicenza Sprint
Asiago-Long Sprint
An orienteering billboard...only when in Europe
Kubelek-Training #1
Kubelek-Training #2
Kubelek map right out our back door
The view from out accommodation
Train on,


  1. "It is too bad that Canada does not have more maps closer to the major cities."
    - you just need to move to Whitehorse Damian!