Saturday, 3 August 2013

WCOC Middle

     Today was the WCOC Middle at Hog's Back. My knee was sore to start but the adrenalin kicked in and I wasn't thinking about it so I didn't really notice it too much. I think I am still a bit jet lagged, I felt tired but that was also probably from not running for about two weeks. I would have liked to be able to run faster in some sections. It was tough to keep in contact with the map in spots. I made a few hooks on #2, #6 and lost around 4:30 on #7, followed a parallel clearing and didn’t look at my compass carefully enough. I really felt my knee after I finished, it was a bit more swollen but I iced it and it is feeling a bit better. I placed 2nd/8. I do not know if my knee will be able to handle 14.7 km and 470m climb tomorrow!

     We were not allowed to keep our maps because we will be in the same area for some of the course tomorrow. I loaded my tracks into the map file that was provided by the organizers on the website. It is not the best quality but it gives you a good idea of the terrain.

Results will be here when available:

WCOC Middle August 3, 2013 (Time: 37:56, 5.6km, 85m)

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