Thursday, 18 October 2012


After orienteering on and off since the COC’s in August I decided to go to the Delaware Water Gap, PA for the NAOC’s. Immediately following the COC’s I began my short track speed skating  season and did not originally plan on going to the NAOC’s, so have done a minimal amount of orienteering and running since the COC’s. I am still in great shape from all the speed skating training and I’m not worried about being physically fit enough to do very well or about the technical side of things as every race and training session up until now has prepared me for the NAOC’s.  Not the ideal situation but I know I can do well if I stick to the basics and do exactly what I did at COC’s this year and the results will follow.  I even got the buzz cut to try and shave those extra seconds off my time! Time to fight for the hardware and bring the BK Cup back to Canada where it belongs!

Thursday-Model Event – heading out now, should be awesome!!
Friday- Middle
Saturday- Long
Sunday- Sprint (AM) Relay (PM)

For all the info and results:
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  1. Hope your races go smoothly!

  2. Good Luck man !! We know u will get the Cup where it belongs :)